Who would you rather own? More upside?

Josh Jacobs or David Montgomery? PPR League…

Man, that’s tough. Jacobs is the bellcow but very game script dependent, and I think the Raiders will be playing from behind a lot which I think doesn’t play in his favor. But then you watch the Bears game last night and Montgomery got like 5 or 6 touches in the first 3 quarters so who know.

Long story short, I would probably go Jacobs just because you know the volume will be there.

I would go Jacobs too, I think they’ll incorporate him more in the passing games in the cming weeks.

i dont know I think they will end up fairly close to each other but if I had to choose out of the two then I prolly would go with Jacobs due to you know hes the true number 1 on that team.

help with mine plz