Who would you rather receive

Thinking of trading Drake away cause I have good RB depth. This is a Dynasty league

Would you rather receive Njoku straight up


Pay Drake, Allison, and the Bears for Robert Woods (Woods owner won’t talk trades with me unless I include the Bears lol)

WRs: M. Thomas, JuJu, Allison, Godwin, T. Gabriel, Tre’Quan, Sutton, A. Miller, Callaway
TE: Rudolph

woods for me


Thanks, that’s where I was leaning. Also trying to finagle Drake/Allison (or Godwin) for AJ Green (who’s owner is sadly sitting at 1-6 right now). It’s a dynasty league though so not super unfair for me lol. Let him build for the future.

I’d shoot for that one if you have a shot at winning this year.

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I’m 4-3 but in 2nd because this league is super competitive. Also have the 2nd most pts scored against me by a large margin so that’s always fun

I’d definitely try and get Green but I’d take Woods also.