Who would you rather ROS? Knox or Fant?

8 man Standard League. I have Fant right now thinking about trying to trade a league mate Damien Williams and Darrel Williams for Knox.

I’d rather have Knox. What is their other TE and can you give up 2 short term RBs? If you don’t need the Williams brothers I’m all for it.

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I’ve got Chubb, Ekeler, Swift, Taylor, and Edmonds so giving up the RBs are no worries. They have Higbee. He’s got Patterson on bye this week, Barkley hurt, Montgomery hurt, McCaffrey questionable, and then Drake, Singletary, and Khalil Herbert as his other startable options this week. I tried trading Damien Williams for Knox, but he rejected and sent back Damien for Higbee.