Who would you rather ROS


E Sanders
DJ Moire

Manny Sanders

Thought maybe Hollywood but let me know why Manny. Thanks

I should say I have Cooks but tired of him and was trying to trade for one of those 3.

Bump please.

1a-Manny Sanders- Jimmy G is looking to find a good rhythm with someone out there and, defenses must put some emphasis on stopping the run. Also has a pretty nice schedule coming up.
1b-Hollywood, I can’t give up on this guy. I’m a Jackson owner and am rooting for this kid to find his stride after the injury
2-Cooks, better team and offense but, with the concussion protocol, I’d roster him and keep an eye out for what’s going on. Rammies offense is too good to not have him, at least, available if there is an injury. He has a history of 1000 yard seasons, and defenses will have to start giving CKupp his just deserves.
3-Moore, not really interested in a lot of the Panthers offense that aren’t CMC.

Just my .02

Thank you for the in depth info.

I have Godwin, Cooks, Gallup, Ridley.

Would you hold Cooks or try and grab Sanders.

I would say Sanders over Cooks ROS.

Too many 3 and 5 point games from Cooks. Too many receiving options for Goff on that team.

Sanders’ floor will be higher with be Jimmy G.

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