Who would you start at RB2?

i have Fournette vs Houston
Woodhead vs Cincinnati
Abdullah vs Arizona.
who would you start for week 1? is a full point PPR.

Woodhead is the only true pass catching back of those 3 and as a rb2 in full point PPR i would consider taking him.

I disagree. Abdullah is going to be heavily involved in the passing game.

i guess it comes down to the matchup, based on those matchups, who would you start week 1?

What about Theo Riddick ?

He’ll be around, but I don’t think he’s going to be nearly as involved when Abdullah is healthy.

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I just looked at the stats of both for week 1 in 2016 when abdullah was still healthy and they both had the same amount of receptions. So I guess you`re right. Riddick will be around but that´s it. He is also kind of injured i think.

Exactly. I think he has shades of Devonta Freeman in his game. Of course, he’s not been nearly as durable as Freeman, and I doubt he’ll be as effective in short yardage. I think Detroit thinks they have that modern type of do it all back, which is why they didn’t draft one.