Who would you start between Chubb & Lockett?

10 team PPR. Trying to figure out my Flex before tonight’s game. I know it may sound like a dumb question but Chubb’s 50/50 split with Hunt has me worried and he could be game scripted out on a given week depending on the score.

That said, I would still start him against the Bengals right? (as a flex)

My other Flex option is Tyler Lockett (or Michael Gallup is in the mix too).

Thoughts? Thanks!

I like Lockett because he will fit in the slot and gilmore will go outside with Metcalf. It depends if you want to go more boom or bust, but I think Lockett gets a safe 10-15.

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Go with Chubb, you drafted him to be your RB1/2, and he has an awesome match up. If the Browns take an early lead (and they probably will), they will run the ball more often with their big back.

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Chubb would be my move. Guaranteed touches against the Bengals as the lead back…

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This post didn’t age well! Glad I went with my better judgment and left Chubb in my lineup. :heart_eyes: Sorry for the panic attack! Thanks for the responses gang.

Dont worry about Chubb. He is a set it and forget it. Chubb out snapped hunt by a large margin. Hunt got his points on that 1 drive, from a semi garbage time. also gamescript helped, but those people saying 50/50 were wrong as you can see