Who would you start James Conner over?

In a 0.5 ppr league if Bell is out for week 1 would you start Conner over Lesean Mccoy, Royce Freeman, and Dion Lewis? One has a tough matchup and 2 have to share carries.

If Connor is the defacto starter, I’d consider starting him over Lewis but not the other two- my personal preference.

i would start him over McCoy if Conner is the starter. McCoy has the Ravens on the road week 1 that’s an awful matchup for a terrible Bills team with Peterman at the helm essentially as a sacrifice for the first three weeks to keep Allen intact.

I’d also be looking to sell McCoy as high as you can before week 1 as i can see his value plummeting with three tough matchups in a row he could be busting hard at that point. Volume is king yes usually but not in his situation on that team, he will hurt your team more than help it this year i think, the consensus view is to sell as well i believe.

Lewis gets the Dolphins who are bad anyway and Freeman gets the Seahawks at home and they are not the same team on offense or defense they wont be as tough a matchup as they have been before.

I think I’d probably sit McCoy too. Baltimore D is going to be a rough matchup and they can focus on stopping the run.