Who would you start over Hopkins?

I have Julio Jones, Marvin Jones and Doug Baldwin (who I played). Do I try Hopkins over Marvin this week? I think Julio might do well week 10.

It’s a standard league.

Ole Marvin is on a roll right now-keep playing him as I am as well–

Play him over Hopkins or Jones? Or should input him in my flex? My RB options (for this week) are darkwa, Doug Martin and Morris

Also, just picked up Woods too

I like Marvin over Hopkins-Julio is a every week start no matter what-also I like Rod Smith over Alfred Morris as the Cowboys Rb-I think he is gonna surpass DMC and Morris-Just my opinion-

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I just got rid of Hopkins in a trade, I don’t see him being a trustworthy start for the rest of the year. I had depth at wr like you and think you should try and trade him on last weeks success.

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Who did you get for him?

I traded my Hopkins last week for Funchess and McKinnon. I was in need of RB help and felt compelled to upgrade there after Andy laughed at my rd squad on the live stream


My current team is:
Went and Prescott at QB
Hunt, Morris, Tevin Coleman, Doug Martin and darkwa at RB
Hopkins, Baldwin, Marvin Jones and Julio Jones at WR
Seattle and Baltimore at defense, just got Baltimore.
Ertz at TE.

I’ve got my eye on Danny woodhead and Dede Westbrook, but I don’t know why

Keep your eye on Rod Smith-I think he’s gonna surprise ALOT of people-

I think you mentioned in another post. I know nothing about him to be honest

I could be wrong but if ya can take a look at him at 4pm today-he is jaylen smiths brother on the Cowboys from Notre Dame and smith went to Ohio State-

To be honest I think the Cowboys will be ok without zeke-you can’t replace a player with his 3 down ability etc but I’m sure they have a plan and definitely fresh legs with those 3 backs-i just heard zeke left the country to train----SMH—hope he can stay out of trouble!!

Honestly it’s risky starting D-Hop seeing how Bad Savage. His last game was against a disseminated Colts Def that if Watson was in D-Hop numbers would double. Go with Marvin.

Nice trade :ok_hand:t5:

What order would you put them in? Morris, Smith DMcF?

Morris and smith then DMC-I’m only saying that because Morris took 1st team reps in practice-

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Kenny G is active for week 10, should I still start Marvin Jones? Or should I flex Morris?

Marvin jones is on fire! Ride that out-

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Also Tyron smith is out for Dallas

Half time and not even a reception…not saying I’m sweating right now, but I have faith