Who would you start?! Really stuck on this, Help!

Full Ppr league which 3 do you start?!

C Patterson, Javantae Williams, Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon and Hunter Renfrow


  1. Mixon- too much volume and scoring opportunity to bench.

  2. Patterson- same as Mixon just on a weaker team.

  3. Renfrow- He is currently a PPR machine.

Jones and Williams, while both are scoring TDs, they have been hyper efficient with their split workload. They have the potential to hurt you in the playoffs if they do not score with their limited workload.

Yeah I was definitely going with Mixon in the end I’m just so stuck on the other two. I agree with you on your inputs for Renfrow and for patt. I definitely think Williams is out for me it’s just between Jones C patt and Renfrow