Who would you start this week at WR? Standard League

Hey guys, got a a 5 way tie for first in my league. I really could use this win so any advice y’all have would be awesome. Who would you start this week at WR:

Golden Tate
Larry Fitz
Jeremy Maclin

I’m flexing Mark Ingram, playing Fournette and McCoy.

Also which defense? Pittsburgh or Baltimore?

Thanks for anything!

im gonna go with crabtree. patriots defense was still giving up chunk plays to denver recievers and we all know how bad that offense is.

i try to steer clear of thursday night because those are always so erratic. but i like the way the steelers d is playing right now. the titans also have not been clicking. mariota needs to get his stuff together.


I like your thoughts. What about WR2 with the same receivers and starting Crabtree 1?

if I had to pick one I would go with Tate. he has been on an absolute tear recently and Stafford is throwing a crap ton. I guess he has to because the ribs have a case of fumblitis. I though bringing back golladay would hurt Tate’s target but it didn’t. I think it will hurt Marvin jones targets a heck of a lot more.

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