Who would you stash?

10 team ppr redraft league I hav two open roster spots I want to use on my bench to stash two RBs…who would b your 2 out of these options…ekeler, Gillislee, Yeldon, Wilkins, Ware, Chubb, kelly, Edmonds?

Yeldon is first for me. Probably go Gillislee right now as well.

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If you don’t need a starting RB at all, then Wilkins and Chubb. If you do need a starting RB for early in the season, then Gillislee and Chubb.

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I hav Cook Henry lynch and Jamaal Williams so I don’t necessarily need anyone but I like to be a step ahead of my waiver wire if a main guy goes down I like to hav a stashed cuff or two cause the continual rolling waiver system we use doesn’t allow ensure I get the guy I want