Who would you take #1 overall?

Which RB would you take #1 overall in a standard league between Gurley, Zeke, Bell & Johnson??

Standard? That’s a little harder. I’d probably have to go with DJ though. This won’t be popular, but Bell would be the last of the ones you named, for me. I don’t think he looked quite the same rushing last year (the efficiency numbers back that up), and he’s had an enormous workload over the years. He’s definitely in that tier, and this could look very wrong, I just personally have more concerns about him.

Gurley. Great offense. Better defense on paper this year. I expect them to run the ball a lot.


I am with @fun4willis for the same reasons. I am down on bell frankly and I am not confident in Dallas or Arizona this year. I like their backs but if I get to choose from that list, right now it is definitely Gurley

In standard, you’re chasing TDs so it comes down to the total offense. Right away that narrows it down to Bell and Gurley. Now if you think Gurley can repeat his absurd TD efficiency (though I don’t) then go Gurley. But safest bet is probably Bell and his proven record.

@ty_nagy I like your response! I would say I like everything about Rams offense and they have arguably top 3-4 defense. I feel even if he regressed a bit I’d still be happy with roughly 1,600 total yds and 12-13 total td’s!

Haha that’s pretty fair. Just trying to play devils advocate. Can’t really go wrong. But just love Bell’s floor.

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In a standard league, Zeke is a little more tempting. He’s led the league in rushing yards per game the past two years. The touchdown upside of Gurley’s high-powered offense is probably where I’d go, though.

David Johnson is the safest pick, IMO. Zeke potentially struggles with weight and attitude issues, Bell is in a downswing, is overused, and is on a throwing team and Gurley has a lot of room for regression.

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I would take the gamble on Ezekiel Elliott. The man is a monster when he is on the field. He has the potential of running into trouble with personal issues. Even then, last year he played for about half the regular season games and ran for almost 1,000 yards and 7 touch downs. Give this guy a full season again and he will do great things.

i take zeke and dont look back. the guy just produces on the ground. one of the few pure RBs we have anymore. and i think he does it better than anyone. the only reason i kinda hesitate is their team just doesnt look to be scoring a lot this season. so for that i might go gurley. but with zeke on the field, the kid is gonna score. that team may go 2 and 14 (dont get butthurt if you are a cowboys fan, im just saying its possible) but zeke will probably still get 1300 yards and 10+ TDs. well, 1600 with receiving yards. maybe a few more TDs for that reason too. but thats probably just my biased for zeke. i honestly dont think you can go wrong with any of the top guys here.

Zeke is 2nd for me, but I can’t argue with anyone who wants to out him at 1 (my only hesitation is the team’s apparent reluctance to use him in the passing game to the extent I think he can be). As for the offense, I think Dak is a different QB and they’re a different offense as a whole when he’s on the field. I think they’ll be just fine.

Bell, as long as his recreational activities don’t keep him from playing all 16.

If just looking from a pure talent perspective I’d take Zeke. However, Dallas’s defense leaves much to be desired and I don’t think they’ll even be a 500 team. There will be games where they just get totally blown out and Zeke won’t be on the field. EDIT: He’ll be on the field but won’t be used for carries.

I have the same concerns for DJ and even more exaggerated cause they don’t have a solid QB and a worse o-line and completely new coach.

Given this, would narrow down to Bell or Gurley for me. Probably see Gurley regressing but for some reason, Steelers always get too cute on the goal line and don’t use Bell as much as they should. Also, given he’ll likely be rusting coming off of skipping pre-season, in a standard league, I lean slightly towards Gurley and the high powered offense coupled by what should be a top 5 defense.

Dallas’ defense with him on the field and with him off the field have been two very different things over the past 2 years.

Nice to chat with you again bro. Although I see what you’re saying given Zeke gives the defense more rest, dak forces less turnovers, etc, I’m not sure if the difference is as significant as people would think. Even just looking at the games last year, that defense got burned in the second half even with Zeke on the field. And they didn’t really add any significant pieces of note in the offseason so don’t really see it improving. I would say Dallas’s defense rises and falls with Sean Lee. Given his injury concerns, I wouldn’t count on him much either. Definitely agree with Zeke is a much better situation but they just don’t have enough talent to keep up with the high powered offenses in their division / conf.

Likewise. If memory serves (and I haven’t looked for them in a while) the numbers say there was a big difference.

Zeke hands down.

I’d take Bell then Zeke close behind.

David Johnson and Zeke seem very similar to me, I just think Dallas will score more.

Gurley had an incredible year last year, I don’t think it’s sustainable.

If you don’t mind me asking, why not?

Personally, I think it’s far more sustainable than a 6th year of approaching 400 production and continued elite fantasy numbers despite per touch production trending down (Bell).