Who would you take? Dynasty

This is my team:

This is what I have to pick from… I should probably go RB here…


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Any input?

I’d take a good look at Hyde.

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I think CJA could have a pretty good opportunity in Carolina. JStew got almost 200 carries last year. Dion Lewis and Chris Thompson are intriguing too.


Yea Tate and Lewis were picked before me…

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I second this, i grabbed CJ as my 4th RB and given the void left by J Stew in CAR he may well become my 3rd and a valuable committee member. 200-215 carries, including goaline in a run first team normally is nothing to be sniffed at

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I’d take Fitz. He represents the end of a tier for me. I am guessing a few of those RBs will come back to you.