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Who would you take? Redraft



Penny, Nick Chubb, S Michel or Kerryon?


kerryon. He’s the most likely of the three to rack up carries.


Michel, and it’s not that close for me. He’s the only one of these three that if he wins the job could vault into the RB1 conversation. The patriots are always a top 3 offense and they run the ball in the 5 more than most teams in the league. Add in that Burkhead is injury prone and I think you have a recipe for a league winner, but you’ll have to stash him to get it. It will take time for it to pay off. The Lions RBs have sucked for basically ever and they have a 4 RB backfield, just signed blount for goal line work and Abdullah is still running as the 1. Don’t get me wrong Abdullah sucks and should lose the job but the upside for kerryon isn’t as high as Michel. Just watch them both run and you’ll see what I mean.


Also Chubb might be the most talented of the 3 as a runner, but he has Hyde in front of him who is actually a great RB despite popular belief. The way the Browns have constructed their roster strongly suggests that they want to ride Hyde and Tyrod for this year and switch over to the rookies next year. Look at Hyde and Tyrods contracts, they’re both essentially 1YR deals. I think you need an injury to get anything worthwhile from Chubb this year.


Penny for me. Sounds like you got a pickle!


Hahah well this just made my decision even harder