Who would you take ROS

Hey Footclan,

Rest of season 1PPR who would you take:

D. Parker
C. Colemon
C. Davis
J. Doctson
S. Watkins

Thanks for your opinion.

Watkins is last on the list for sure…I think I would order them Parker, Davis, Colemon, Docston, Watkins

What if Matt Moore starts the rest of the way…would you downgrade Parker behind the Coreys?

I don’t think so. Moore isn’t that much of a downgrade from Cutler honestly

I would go Davis, Doctson, Coleman, Parker, Watkins, mainly because of the full PPR. Davis and Doctson are getting tons of targets, as they continue to build rapport with their QBs over these last few weeks, I feel like they could be league winners for some teams