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Who would you take?


okay in a Dynasty 1p. PPR. i got the next 2 picks i round 1.

i dont know what people in the league are thinking about but:

  1. DJ
  2. Rodgers
  3. Luck
  4. OBJ
  5. M.Ryan
  6. M. Evans.
    now its my turn i dont have a second round pick. on the board is RB: Zeke, Bell… WR: J. Jones, A brown and of course alot more. should i take 2 RB in a PPR or one of each… WHAT TO DO :smiley: thx for the help guys.


I’d grab Zeke and Brown and be very happy! Looks like with those early QB picks that you’re going to steal value like crazy later in the draft. Good luck!

Zeke over Bell due to age and Bell’s off the field issues. Brown and Julio are close in age, but Brown is a tier above. I’d give Michael Thomas consideration as well as Cooper, but Brown is a solid pick here.


Michael thomas and M. Evans was the 2 i was going for from the start, but i have no 2. round pick now so think MT is gone for me.


Yeah I’m with Nick- would take Zeke and AB and then start dancing. Is this thing a Superflex or 2QB league? Just wondering with Rodgers, Luck, and Matt Ryan all getting picked.


Yeah - but still makes no sense for me :wink:

I never would take qb so early - even with super flex.


If this is a non 2QB league I don’t think it matters what you do because you are going to rock this league if people draft like that. I lean towards young WRs and would probably take Mike Evans in a full PPR dynasty number 1 overall. If this was indeed how it shook out I would take Julio Jones and Le’veon. Both have injury concerns so I get why people may not lean that way. Bell is only 25 and could be easily the best player in fantasy for a few years. Julio and AB are a toss up, but I would rather not have 2 players from the same team as my 1 and 2 and I like Julio’s QB situation better in the coming years.