Who would you trade for leveon?

Guy who has leveon is 0-8
Here’s my roster

QB1: Big Ben
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: latavius Murray
WR: theilen
WR: JuJu
Flex: Tevin Coleman
Flex: Edelman
QB2: Mariota
D/ST: Pittsburgh

  1. Funchess
  2. Doug Martin
  3. Wentz (bye week)
  4. Olsen
  5. Ekeler
  6. Sutton
  7. Josh Adams

Looking to sell Murray before his value drops once cook returns

Why not Murray and Edelman?

As a Bell owner myself I don’t see a lot I’d want in a straight swap there. What does he need?

Well his team is currently sitting at 0-8, and he struggles to even score above 100 in a league where most everyone else scores around 140. To put it into perspective, He drafted dez and has not dropped him. Hes not bad at fantasy, he just had a shit draft. His dad died a couple months ago so hes not really been putting any attention into it.

You dont think thats too much?