Who would you trade for? Or not...?

Hey guys,

I’m in a Full PPR, double flex (not super) and am pretty deep on RBs. Here’s the team:

QB: Wilson
RB: Gordon, Connor, Howard, Fournette, K. Johnson
WR: Tate, E. Sanders, Cooper, Josh Gordon, C. Godwin
TE: Burton

Debating on tossing out Connor and Cooper for Brown, OBJ, Green, or Julio to give me better upside for WR. You think that’s worth it? What about Gronk? Or think I should just hold strong with what I got…? Thanks!

You wont get a trade like that. Connor Cooper Fournette for OBJ is your best bet.

AJ green is probably your best bet to get accepted, but why not shoot your shot. You are loaded at rb, but I would not go as high as adding fournette because you will need him.

If you trade for gronk, try conner and burton first, and add sanders if no bite.