Who you drafting at #2?

Assuming CMC is going #1

I’m leaning Cook over Henry, thoughts?

I’d go Dalvin, but it’s very close.

I love Henry. Certainly not betting against him and I don’t think you’ll be upset with taking him because until I see it, I’m not betting against him with the eventual large workload regression like other backs in the past.

Cook’s involvement in the passing game gives him a slight edge and - for as great as Henry was last year in rushing for 2,000+ yards - Dalvin still slightly outscored him on a per game basis last year and nearly put up the same season-long point total in two less games.

I think Minnesota probably sees some TD regression as a team, but that’ll happen more in the passing game than with Cook. As a Lions fan, I’m already penciling him in for 4 TD against Detroit this year…

I think Henry will dominate again, but if Cook plays 16 games, I think he’s the RB1 on the season.

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18 Leagues so far and I had a top 3 pick once. It happened to be the #2 slot in a full ppr. Full ppr it was Dalvin all day for me. With that said you can’t go wrong with either one. I just tend to like Cooks dual threat a little bit more over Henry. IMO though CMC and Cook are top 2 then the next tier hits.

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Cook will score more points in the games he plays, but he probly won’t be around to help you in the playoffs.

Henry is my #1 overall pick.