Who'd you rather have -- R. Woods or K. Golladay?

Not necessarily panicking after Golladay’s mediocre game, but could try and package him and a RB to a RB-needy team in exchange for Woods. Would this be an upgrade or a lateral move? Which WR would you rather have?


10 team PPR

Would rather have Woods ROS.

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I think Woods ROS as well for me

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I want to lean Woods as well, but I’m torn. I mean both are on offenses with 3 WR threats. And while Woods is definitely in the more explosive, higher scoring offense, he also has Gurley and could wind up in more negative game scripts, whereas I can see the Lions being in more pass-oriented game scripts moving forward. :confused:

It’s a tough call and close, I think it comes to team need as well. If you want the safer floor and a higher one I’d go Golladay but Woods is the ceiling guy IMO. Tough call though

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Well, full disclosure, part of it is also that the Woods owner is in dire straits, and it’s a friendly league and not that I feel sorry for him (ironically he beat me for his only win :rage:) but I do want to kinda help him out. I know that might sound like collusion, but I am the commissioner and I want everyone to have fun and still be able to compete.

The Woods owner has NO RB depth. His best rostered RBs are McCoy, Corey Clement, and Buck Allen. So I thought of maybe packaging one of my spare RBs (Coleman, Drake, Chubb) and Golladay in exchange for Woods.

I don’t NEED WR help (in addition to Golladay I have Adams, M. Thomas, DT, and Fuller) but thought this might be a way to help him out while getting something in return.

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rams have no reason to rush kupp back, so if he takes his time woods should get more targets
and i like him more ROS anyway

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I don’t see a problem with that to be honest, as long as he keeps enjoying it ROS and it doesn’t wreck the integrity of the league which it sounds like it won’t then I’d do it. If it’s a friendly league it’s about having fun after all!

Care to weigh in on my RB stash query? Worth picking up Rashaad Penny?

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