Whole new team

I did a couple of trades today and they were all accepted and I just want to know if my team was fine the way it was or is my new team better

Old team
QB cousins
RB dj, Gordon, Howard, kerryon, michel, drake
WR Jeffrey, locket, Boyd, Fitzgerald, Allison
TE Njoku
DEF Cincinnati

New team
QB cousins
RB Gordon, Howard, Michel, underwood
WR Odell, Jeffrey, woods, Fitzgerald, Allison
TE gronk
DEF Chicago

I traded dj and Lockett for Odell and Chicago
Traded drake and Kerryon for gronk
Traded njoku and Boyd for woods

What do you guys think?

Think you gave too much for Woods but think you did pretty well for yourself.

I think this helps your team out a lot. You now have 3 major upside players with two or 3 potential lottery picks (howard, michel, jeffrey).

Good job - way to consolidate all of that bench for shiny new starters.

Love the makeover.