Whopper/Blockbuster Potential Deal- Need your help

A guy in my league REALLY wants Melvin Gordon from me. He doesn’t have a comparable stud to give back, so I’m proposing the following:

I would get Thielan, Ertz, C. Carson and T. Brady. I would be giving up Melvin, A. Peterson., Keelan Cole and C. Godwin. Knowing I already have Davante Adams, Diggs, Kelse, Burkhead and Peyton Barber, would you make this trade?? We only start 2 running backs, 2 receivers and 1 flex.

It would almost be an embarrassment of riches for me --all the guys I would have should be starters. I know I could shelve or trade some of these excess players-- but I would be losing my bell-cow Gordon. Thoughts?? (my other QB is Matt Ryan).

It’s a 12-team, standard, seasonal league.