Who's better: Coutee vs. Kirk?

Who do you all like better for the rest of this season, Keke Coutee or Christian Kirk?

Both have talent, and opportunity.

I guess the question could be who is riskier, the WR w/ hamstring issues or the WR on a bad passing offense?


To return the favour of help,

It will be interesting to see how Kirk functions with Arizona’s new offensive coordinator.
Sounds like DJ is gunna get some more involvement. what that does to kirk in the passing game is yet to be seen, but if youre an opposing defensive, are you gunna put more coverage on the rookie wr, or former 1,000 1,000 player?
I think coutee has way more upside with the fuller injury
Kirk has a solid floor with smaller upside.

So coutee is a bit riskier, but offers way more reward.

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good points!

What do you think the Fuller injury does for Hopkins? Good? Bad? no change?

hoping the injury pushes his value a little more, but that also means defenses will be able to key on hopkins more with fuller down, which to me, increases Coutee value.

bout clear as mud right now.


Coutee for sure

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