Who's Better ROS? Dropping Latavius Murray

I currently have Murray but I feel like he will not repeat numbers like he did against Arizona and with Cook coming back.

Duke Johnson Jr, Darren Sproles, Chris Ivory and Alfred Blue are all available. Which one of these guys would you pick up instead of Murray.

ORRRRR Should I risk picking up D’Onta Foreman for the future?

I currently have Gurley and Mixon so RB is not an immediate need.

It looks like cook left practice early today. I would keep Murray.

Edit: nvm zimmer said he wasn’t limited in practice. Who knows what’s going with cook.

If you have an IR slot, i’d definitely stash foreman.

I just did so last week, even though he still hasn’t practiced he’s officially come off the PUP list, so it could be as soon as next week where he becomes relevant again.

If not, and they decide to keep him on the PUP for the rest of the year, no harm no foul as it was just an IR slot, not a precious bench slot.

Exactly, That’s kind of why I want to drop him. Even without Cook, Viking’s run game hasnt been very good. And splitting time with Cook will not be good.

I don’t have an IR slot. Not sure if I should still try to stash him.

My bench slots typically revolve with Sammy Watkins, Austin Ekeler, Corey Davis, Christian Kirk, Jermaine Kearse and L. Murray.

Bumping this post hoping to get more opinions

Would you rather pick up new England’s defense for week 8 or L. Murray?