Who's Crazy

I am so new to fantasy football. I have not watched a game in 10 years. Follow other sports.

Work guy begged me to join. VERY big league…16 teams and sort a PPR reduced WR points league. VERY thin on waivers and everyone keeps 2 QBs and 2 DSTs etc.

I am in first place 7 and 1. My team pretty stacked for a deep league.

(have fuller too but now worth peanuts)

I make offers THAT I think are no brainers and people afraid to trade. Everyone works with each other and they almost are afraid to trade and only play the waivers. MAYBE I am the one that is loco.

Some recent trades I offered.

3 and 4 DST for Rams DST, rejected.
Juju Schuster and Marlon Mack for Julio Jones…rejected
Hyde for Marco Murry: rejected
Hyde, Mack, Juju and 7th ranked DL for Aaron Jones: rejected.

Am I am the stupid one??? or they as frighten as I think they are…i

All solid offers, some leagues are just duds.

Best way to get a trade going is communicating with the other person first, talk, text, fb messenger whatever it takes to see their mindset on their players and their interest in your players.

Plus you’re in first place and nobody wants to make the best team even better.