Whos going in finale?

Wouhhouuu we made it. Lost Keenan Allen and Aaron Jones, still managed to make it in the finale.

I’m playing against the #1 seed and Keenan Allen. Unless Gurley and Ertz score 60+, I should make the championship. After the draft I was projected to finish 1-13 so it feels GREAT to make my 5th straight championship game.

Good luck next week!

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@quintana22…yeah I lost Jones today too. BUT…GURLEY got me to the SB!!! WOO-HOO!!! :joy:

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I made the finals in all three leagues I play in. I am somehow going against the Mahomes team in all three though. I can see this going really well or really horrible,

I survived this week and heading to championship… Mahomes and tyreek will hopefully bounce back big next week!

Up 20 points and I have the Saints Defense vs Curtis Samuel. Looking like I have a chance at the bacon this year!

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