Who's got the hardest hit injury record so far this season?

I’ve lost A Rob, K White, C Clay, E Sanders, Palmer and Garcon. (Seems like there was somebody else or two…). I’m sure there are many out there than can make my woes seem nimbly-pimbly…but…LOL…I sure shed plenty a tears this year!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE…LOL…make me feel better with your tales of woe!!!

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Lost dj Edelman woodhead Garcon Montgomery(for a little and lost his starting spot)

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Dalvin cook, also A-rob, drafted luck late and held him for 6 weeks, Devante Adams (I count that with the Rogers injury). And Melvin Gordon’s injury has lost me a couple matchups but he’s also won me a couple. And I went in on the beast mode hype :frowning:

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LOL…so far I’m winning here…well kinda anyway. I’ve got 6!!! BUT…my condolences to everybody so far!!!

iv lost,

Johnson, Cook , Edelman , Rodgers

because of QB injury’s
iv lost

Adams and Fuller

EDIT forgot about andre ellington


Guy in my league had garcon, Beckham, Palmer, Charles Clay, eifert, Allen Robinson, and Sam Bradford

He has since changed his name to demogorgan. Lol

LOL…poor guy. But…that’s funny!!!

But WOW…I’d have to say he’s got to be “winning” this post at this point…WOW…some big time players there!!! Geez!!! Cyber “handshake” pat on the back to him from me!!! Please pass that on to him if you don’t mind.

I’ve lost DJ, Allen Robinson, Carson Palmer, Pierre Garcon, Tyler Eifert, and Chris Carson

I had drafted OBJ then traded him 1 week before his Injury for Nelson and another. Then Nelson got hit with rodgers injury, Dalvin cook, Garcon, sanders but he coming back .

My keeper gets put on IR every season :cry:

The current champ has been hit with injuries to dalvin cook, Allen Robinson, eifert, OBJ, Palmer,traded for Fournette the week before he missed plus injuries to Hyde, Gordon Hogan during matches that he lost narrowly.

I’ve lost Danny Woodhead, Corey Coleman, Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs and DeVante Parker for several weeks, Chris Hogan and now Deshaun Watson. And even with Jay Ajayi clearly underperforming, I’ve managed to have a 6 - 2 record this season.

DJ, Dalvin Cook, Deshaun Watson, Garçon all lost for the season. I also had Derek Carr and Mariotta who were hurt at the same time which is why I picked up Watson. Somehow I have managed a 5-3 record.

I lost DJ, OBJ, Watson and while not a season ending injury, Hogan.

I feel your pain. BTW, I’m still sitting at 6-3