Whos is a better WR trade target.... JuJu or Adams

Im looking to make a deal for a WR… The JuJu / Adams owner is interested…

Whos the better trade target ROS?.. Half point PPR

ive personally never been high on adams and juju is doing spectacular and that defense isnt getting any better so theyll be throwing all day so id go for juju

Better player to target is adams cause he’ll be cheaper. JJS stock right now is all time high. I’ve seen people seriously considering JJS for AB lol. That should tell you all you need to know.

This owner isnt very experienced at making trades… I may be able to squeeze JuJu for the same price as Adams lol

Anyone else?

Would Fournette be to much to pay for JuJu?

I got mad RB Depth…
My RBs= Fournette, Bell, Conner, Ingram, Michel, Lindsay, A.Jones & Foreman on IR
My WRs= Julio, Kupp, Golladay, Callaway.

I’d rather have Adams ROS. Cobb is hurt (likely out for the next few weeks), so I expect Adams’ usage to be the same or even improve

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Yeah I’m playing the “I want this guy card” and seeing his price… And then I’m gonna ask about Adams and make it seem like I’m not as interested and see how much the price drops lol

Or should I chase down Keenan Allen instead and see what I can pay for him lol… I got to many RBs and I wanna cash a couple in so i dont have to drop any lol