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Who's Riding The Borltles Train Week 5?


I just bought my ticket. Tried to find something wrong but I honestly can’t. Even if he screws up the Jags D should give him plenty of chances to correct it but I doubt there will be many against the Chiefs.


i am stashing him for possible trade value in hopes/anticipation of a huge game


I’m about to jump on. Have been on the Russle Willson wagon and its a bumpy ride.


I’m starting him over stafford this week in one of my leagues. ALL ABOARD.


The Bortles train left before I could board.

Smith, Ryan, Stafford in my 3 leagues. What could go wrong?


Smith is probably most likely to fail. Relying on RB/TE as the leading receivers is typically not a good recipe unless you’re the patriots.


Yeah and he’s my QB in one of my 1-3 record leagues in a close matchup. Gulp. Only other options are Carr and Mariota lol. No trusting Tannehill.


Im all in…well basically hes my only option but im all in!




Wish i had Bortles over Smith lol, im on the train in spirit yall


I’m 1-3 too. Choooo choo


Keep in mind there’s like a 70% chance of precipitation in KC this afternoon. You can value that info however you want.


I’ve decided to play him over Cousins today, against the advice of others. I think he has a big day today. Will have to to have a shot at winning the game. And we all no how bad the KC D has been.


Didn’t even check the weather on the Sunday games…still on the train?


Absolutly. It’s football. It’s ok.


Every single time I factor rain in I’m the one that gets rained on. Bortles got this.


Well I’m starting Cole so…kinda!


Rain doesn’t really matter. It’s winds that matter.


Can’t find his snake


hope nobody here also played crosby…