Who's the #2 WR behind Funchess?

Looking to add a WR with this being a byepocalypse for my team. We start 3 WRs and I only have Crabtree, Fuller and Kenny G available. If Kenny is a go I may just roll with him, but he hasn’t played for weeks. So I’m curious about the Carolina WRs with Kelvin getting traded. Obviously Funchess is now their #1, but who’s after him at the position? Russell Shepard, Curtis Samuel, or someone else? And are they worth adding?

Standard Scoring

The most targets in that offense go to Funchess and McCaffrey (their running back incase I didn’t spell It correctly.)

Greg Olsen when hes back

Those are both obvious, but I was specifically referring to Wide Receivers. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one knows because they probably wont be relevant lol. I don’t think they have very many options at WR.

A lot of people thought Funchess was going to be irrelevant as well…just a thought.

He has only really had three good games. The targets are there but Cam is inaccurate this year. I agree with you though. Look at their depth chart somewhere.

Russell Shepard 287 snaps 18 targets
Curtis Daniel 130 snaps 14 targets

Looks like Shepard