Who's the best stash?

I picked up J. Samuels on the chance Conner was out. Now that he’s good to go, who do you think the best stash is? Should I drop J. Samuels for one of these other guys? If so, how would you order them?

D. Samuel
J. Jackson
C. Thompson
N. Agholor

Here’s my team …

QB: J. Allen
RB: D. Cook, D. Montgomery, M. Breida, R. Mostert, A. Mattison, T. Coleman (IR)
WR: J. Jones, R. Woods, D. Robinson, M. Hardman
TE: M. Andrew’s, D. Waller
DST: Packers
K: W. Lutz

1/2 PPR, 12-team, QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / FLX / TE / DST / K


Bump … any thoughts out there? Would love to hear some opinions.


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Same. ^^^^

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I think Deebo could help out with WR depth. I wouldn’t like my WR 3 and 4 to be on the same team and they are hard to decide between each week

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