Who's the better handcuff

Jonathan Williams (BUF)
James conner (PIT)

These are both other people’s handcuffs… I’m considering dropping Thielen for one of them… at least through the preseason. I also already have Perine and Henry on my 7 man bench as well though.

I’d say James Conner if he gets healthy. Normally people who hold out end up hurt and bell already has a injury history. Plus if bell got suspended that could be a whole season.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking… The only thing is that McCoy could get hurt during preseason where as Bell can’t since he’s not even practicing… so for now I think Williams might be the better option… I did just find out, however, that even though ESPN forces you to draft a K and D/ST… you can still drop them for waiver pick ups… So I’m going to drop both Thielen and my K for both Conner and Williams lol.

No love for Thielen? I wouldn’t drop him for either of those two. A bench full of handcuffs isn’t something I’d want to do.

Well it’s not something I want to take into the season… but having drafted before preseason, it’s more of an insurance policy… if Shady has a big injury or Bell skips a piss test I got guys who should be at least high end RB2s at worst and they’ll be serious trade bait… I like Thielen a lot actually, but I’m not terrified of someone jumping on him as soon as I drop him either… I seem to be the only high guy on him in my league lol. Everyone else is on that Diggs bandwagon and writing Thielen off as an after-thought. If nothing happens by the end of preseason I’m gonna try to maybe offer these guys as like trade garnishes otherwise they’ll probably just be dropped… that being said I haven’t decided whether I’m dropping Thielen yet… but I’m definitely dropping my K for Williams since we won’t know anything about Bell for a few weeks yet anyway.

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Like you my one league wanted to draft already. I drafted Freeman and Murray along with Coleman and Henry. I normally never draft handcuffs but these guys both have flex value with RB1 upside with an injury.

And I’m doing the same thing, no kicker or defense. Took 2 extra lottery tickets so to speak. Right now I’m trying to work some 2-1 or 3-1 trades to get the better player and make room for my defense and kicker.

Yeah… right now I’m being extra bullish on Perine trying to hype him up before the season gets going… I don’t want to drop him because I do believe in his talent but I don’t want to hold him for the 6+ weeks Kelley is the starter either lol… so hopefully I can get some guys hyped on him and dump him off in a trade.