Who's the better WW pick up for WR?

Tyler Locket, Antonio Callaway or Tyler Boyd?
And how much FAAb would you spend on them?

Lockett > Callaway > Boyd.

15% or so for Locket. Less for Callaway and Boyd.

I don’t know about faab amount, but I would pick up Boyd on this one. The dude gets targets. I’m trying to get him off of waivers myself in a startup with no faab. Just a free deal.

Safety = Locket>Callaway>Boyd
Ceiling = Boyd>Callaway>Locket

At least IMO

Not sure why you think Boyd and Callaway have higher ceilings than lockett who is literally the only legit receiving weapon on an offense led by wilson with barely any running game to speak of.

I think regardless of safety or ceiling, the ranking is the 1st one you have. Lockett leads both the other by a wide margin. Locket has just as much deep threat ability as either of those guys. And both Callaway and Boyd are the 2nd best options on their respective teams with worse QBs and better run games.