Who's the winner of this trade?

0.5 point ppr

Team A receives: Crabtree, Diggs, Adrian Peterson

Team B receives: Mike Evans, Keenan Allen

That’s tough, although I might lean with Team A on this one. Allen has been average this season and Crabtree/Diggs are still great WRs

It’s a fairly even trade. I would also say A by default, just because they received more players and Peterson may still have some good games left in him.

But neither side lost.

It depends on what the teams rosters look like… However, I like A better because Crabtree is going to give you 9-11 points each week but probably will not blow up much the rest of season. I like Diggs going forward in the season and AP has a good match up this week… AP also will be relied on more with Palmer gone