Who's woth a stash?

The only “valuable” RBs in my waivers are Montgomery, D Hemry, and Josh Adams. Who’s worth a stash? I need RB depth asap. Standard league.

Montgomery could end up with a nice little role in baltimore, but my pick is adams. He looked really good in london but he only had 9 carries.

Brown. If they lock HF Gurley will be on the bench. Then the massive volume Gurley is taking on, upcoming tough run defenses. He’s going to take a beating. If he goes down Brown is gold.

I actually just stashed Malcolm Brown in the hopes that Gurley gets rested. Speaking to the comment above I would avoid Montgomery. They now have 3-4 RB’s in the backfield, so my guess would be his volume never goes very high. Adams would be a decent stash too.