Whos your most frustrating player

Either over drafted and disappointing or just someone you were high on and hasnt gone as planned. Cant drop them or they dont hold trade value well whatever the issue

Easy for me Singletary and the over draft of lamar never going early qb again

Drake and Hurst are honorable mentions that have just been less than I had hoped

Who’s the guy eating at you this year


Dude gets my hopes and dreams up after the 3TD’s week 2 and has done nothing since.

Not like I drafted him super high or the expectations were through the roof but just disappointing after such a promising start

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I think the entirety of the TE position outside of like 4 of them

And Ertz is definitely on this list. forgot about his bum ass

Drake. I also have DJ Moore so it’s a close one.

to me I think Aaron Jones, they split him too much with Williams

@nmp153 yea I would just HATE to have Aaron Jones on my roster, tough when he’s only the third highest fantasy RB in ppr leagues.

@slammer1117 for real lol. if you were a Arron jones owner, would you trade him and for who? I am and kind of debating on who to grab. I have Dalvin Cook as well

@nmp153 I guess depends on what the rest of my team looks like. But if I’m in a PPR league and I had him I personally wouldn’t give him up lightly

If you have Jones and Cook you should just roll that out and youll be just fine. Unless your just depleted at WR i wouldnt be moving either one of those

My disappointments are mostly injury-related. 7 of my top 8 picks have all been injured and missed at least 1 game so far. But otherwise it would DJ Moore for me. When I’ve played him because of the matchup he blows, but when I bench him he scores because of garbage time.

Ronald Jones because he started producing after i dropped him in Week 3 haha.

On my current roster i would say Gibson. In my PPR league his projections are always 14 or 16pts but he’s only hit that 1 time this year so far.