Whose Better ROS - Drake Vs Howard

Going to be using them as trade bait. Who would you rather keep ros. 5ppr

As a Drake owner, I hope Drake lol. But trying to be unbiased, I think Drake’s value is as high as it will ever be (I’ve tried shopping him around myself), and Howard’s value is as low as it will ever be, so you won’t get what you want for him.

ROS, I think Howard will be more consistent and get the big ground and pound numbers as it starts to get freezing in Chicago. It’s what he’s been great at his entire career, so I think I’d rather trade Drake.

Yea I keep thinking the same thing is going to happen with Howard. Just keep waiting for his big game. Hard to trust Nagy though.

Drake is also unpredictable in the sense his coach just won’t let him loose. They are both very similar in a way

I need a TE. So will probs try and buy Gronk low on offer one of them