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Whould you rather?


I have been offered a trade. New startet Dynasti League 1 PPR.

Doug Martin for Allen Robinson


Doug Martin + Woodhead or a Pick for Snead, Tyrell Wiliams

I not very deep at WR - so the Trade is good for my team.


Post the rest of your team. How deep are you at rb?


Im deep : zeke, ajayi, crowell, forte, Doug, woodhead, Hightower, Asiata and Michael(IR)

WR: A. brown, djax, Tate, Goodwin, Terrence Williams, Patterson, Travis Benjamin, Seth Roberts

And some more late picks.


Take the second deal.Tyrell and Snead are ideal depth guys with upside for you, and you have plenty of rbs to compensate.


Btw. Doug was a Round 10 pick - Allen Robinson 3. Round


It’s possible that woodhead ends up being a PPR stud. Robinson has top 5-10 upside. Tyrell has very little upside in SD. I do like Snead, but I’m not as high on him as the FFballers are. Ginn could take up a lot of those Cook targets they are expecting to go to Snead. Also, saints got AD. It’s not crazy to think that NO’s passing attempts go down this year. I say you swap for Robinson. He closed the year quite well, showing he hasn’t lost it. I see much better game scripts for the jags this year, i.e. balance.