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Why all the C Thompson hate?


I don’t understand why everyone ignores Thompson, and ranks him consistently in the 20s. Yet in 5 of my leagues, he has the 6th most points of any RB, and 7th in my 6th league. It makes no sense. Also for weeks, it was Perine this and Perine that, with no evidence whatsoever. What gives?


I wonder the same thing. He also had a bunk game VS KC. Even with that game he is the #7 over all RB in PPR leagues

I think he is missed because of the fact he is only a passer back and shares reps and gruden says flat out he is not giving him more reps.

But i have him on my roster and i think he gets shit on


I think it’s because the redskins want to limit his carries and keep him healthy. He only gets so many touches to get all his points making him not rank as high from analysts. He’s an amazing talent but the skins don’t want to have to run him into the ground. That would be my guess. I think he is a very explosive running :+1:t2: