Why am I STILL holding onto Abdullah?

Yes he had a decent game against GB, he has volume but the DET run game is just so meh. Cleveland run D has improved, I could find a waiver pick like Damian Williams in MIA or Devonte booker, or trade him on his slight hype? I do not see why I cannot part with this okay RB3. I told myself I would drop him after the Cleveland game, feel like I should make a move now. Any suggestions for my dilemma?

did you watch the latest podcast today. They had a funny skit about Abdullah being able to be tackled by anyone.

I would not hold onto him myself however those 2 replacements are ehhh .

Booker for sure no

Williams is intriguing but uncertain still

If you have room to bench and wait a week or 2 id grab Williams and see

that or see who you can trade for dullah

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I have not seen it yet, but that sounds about right. A strong north easterly wind could bring Abdullah down. I started Abdullah last week and it worked out…I have a feeling this week he will be held in check, only hoping from some garbage time yards/td.

I will try to trade him, see if anyone is desperate enough.

He fumbled twice and once @ the goal line VS the packers.

So they pulled him and started Riddick more