Why Andy Isabella should be your 1.04

You can argue that no receiver in college football was more dominant in 2018 than Andy Isabella.
1st in reception yards (1698), 2nd in receptions (102) and 5th in yards per reception (16.6) out of players with at least 65 catches (56).
And, while his reception totals in 2017 were only 65, he still placed 9th in yards per reception (15.7) out of 46 qualified players with at least 65 receptions and had over 1,000.
Oh yes, and he scored 10 times in 2017 and 13 in 2018.
Andy Isabella is more than his 4.31 speed. He is a technician in his routes, and he is only getting better. Against a fellow 2019 4.31 speed rookie in Marquise Brown, it’s easy to see similarities in their style. It’s too bad Isabella did not have a better quarterback because, ew.
Speaking of quarterback, who is Isabella’s quarterback now? Well, if you said the quarterback who contributed to Marquise Brown’s 1st round draft status, you’d be correct.
Say what you will about Murray, but he helped turn Brown into the shiny new toy that propelled Brown into the 1st overall WR taken in 2019. And I said above, when you watch the film, Brown and Isabella are very similar.
The biggest difference between the two is Isabella’s ability to gain separation against the defense in route running. Consistently, Isabella used his quickness and shiftiness to set up defenders and break, giving him more than enough cushion to be considered wide open. He is a technician, and while he could catch more with his hands, he catches the ball and he can burn over the top at will. He also catches contested balls with the best in college football. On top of that, despite his small frame, he was not easy to bring down with his elusiveness and there are moments where his vision looks like that of a top tier running back.
There may be questions surrounding the Kingsbury Cardinals, specifically surrounding the poor offensive line and, subsequently Murray himself, but I for one, have no fear in this. Kingsbury will spread that offense out and defenses will have a hard time predicting where the ball is going. And, if plays break down, Murray will need an outlet. And Isabella will be a great one. The combination of Murray’s scrambling abilities and Isabella’s ability to get open in a heartbeat will make them angry fun duo to watch. Where have I seen that before? Oh right, I already mentioned that.
I do not doubt that he will be the number 3 behind Kirk and Fitz, often used in the slot but moved around to the outside and used on end arounds/other misdirection plays. He may not be a big time 2019 contributor, but it is easy to see a path where he is on the field for at least 75 percent of plays, if not in 2019, then 2020 and beyond. Opportunity is big in fantasy football, but Isabella has the skills to cash in huge on those opportunities.
Lastly, Kingsbury LOVES Isabella. In fact, the video of him drafting Isabella should be the most telling of his path to usage in his offense. In the video, they discuss trading Rosen to the Dolphins for the pick. “We can get Isabella with it”. And Kingsbury says, “Well, you know I love Isabella.” That was that. The trade was made and Isabella was a Cardinal. And Kingsbury resounded with a loud clap and a Ric Flair “Woooo!”
It’s ridiculous to see Isabella slip to the 2nd round in these rookie drafts. He is the future Fitz of the Cardinals and, right, he has the master himself to learn from everyday until Fitz retires. And, before you ask, I absolutley believe he can be a WR1 in a year or two. The NFL is realizing you dont need to be 6’2", 218 to be dominant.
You need to be an all around great receiver who can get open, catch the ball and beat defenders. And no one did that better than Isabella in 2018. Despite his quarterback.
Jacobs 1.01
Montgomery 1.02
Harry 1.03
Who is your 1.04? I wouldn’t be mad if you took Sanders. But if you want the best player available…
It should be Isabella.