Why are you in a great league?

Is there a certain thing or things that quickly separate a great league from an OK league?


Player involvement. I’ll give you an example. The league I commission stays in contact in a “Groupme” which is a messaging app. We do different events in the offseason (March Madness, The Masters, etc) to select draft order as well. So we get multiple layers of competition. We talk trash pretty much year round which is fun as well.

On the other hand, my “big money league” has events and such , however there isn’t much trash talking or communication in general in the offseaon or season. That league doesn’t even have everyone do whatever it is we are doing for draft order (bowling, blazin wing challenge, etc).

A cool element I also like is if you use ESPN they have the trophies. I created my own and after a couple years you can use this to bragg or bag on the person who is doing horribly.

Hope this helps!


Trash talking and longevity. My LoR is going into its fourth year. Back in season 1 I traded Antonio Brown for Stafford. I will never live it down.


2012 we had a guy trade C.J Spiller for Julio the week he was declared out for the rest of the season (person receiving Julio hadn’t checked the injury report) So its a fun thing to bring that up periodically.

I agree with player involvement, make sure everyone that’s playing wants to play. In my league, we don’t buy in, or even have a physical trophy yet, but I’m already getting excited for the year 2 of the Sunday group texts with gifs/trash talk/etc. The point of fantasy football is for it to be fun, and winning isn’t fun unless everyone is trying to win. I think it helps to have a diverse group of football fans as well. For instance, we have fans representing the Packers, Titans, Lions, Browns, Seahawks, Bears and Giants in our little 10 team league. That way each player values NFL players a little bit differently based on their homer bias.

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My league does a long form auction, which takes about 10-14 days to complete. This gives us plenty of time for post-draft analysis. Last year I made this 30 minute “Draft Recap Special”, that made things a lot of fun to kick the season off. Get past the first minute intro to get into the good stuff.

No, I don’t have a twin, that’s two of me. Nothing quite like arguing with yourself over FFB!


Thanks for the replies and thoughts on this. So basically what I see is that creativity starts the separation process, followed by activity, and longevity…?

Thanks for helping me understand how to build a great league!