Why can't I pull the trigger on dropping Larry Fitz?

Someone tell me how I dumb I am to keep holding this guy? I know he’s a “name” and could potentially have trade value- but I’m embarrassed to even offer him as part of any package. So many WR options on waivers, but dropping a future HOF’er seems insane.

in one of my leagues, i drafted him as my WR2 in a 3 WR league. He has been sitting on my bench since week 1.

I can’t drop him for the same exact reasons you mentioned, and was laughed at trying to include him in trade packages.

He’ll still probably be eating a bench slot on my team until playoffs, and that’s when i’ll finally feel comfortable to drop him lol

I dropped him in 1 of my leagues and it felt so good. In my other leagues, people dropped him this week as well. I’d rather have more impactful and productive players than name value bench burners. (Henry, Fitz, etc)

You just gotta remember you are just dropping numbers. stop playing for what the team looks like on paper and start worrying about actual production. The sooner you can do that the better off you will be.

For example the league im doing the worst in, I drafted Leonard Fournette at the end of the first. I held him too long after the injury, now im 0-5 after turning down what would have been great trades in my favor at this point.

I finally broke and dropped him today after being laughed out of trade offers. Feels amazing to have him gone.