Why can't I quit you, Doug Baldwin?

I just can’t quit you, Doug Baldwin. Your name recognition alone keeps you on my bench, yet week after week you stay in the dog house. Is it really time to let you go?

I’m in first place in my 3 WR .5 ppr league with Thielen, Landry, Baldwin, A. Robinson and C. Davis as my WRs. I don’t think I can make it through the playoffs with this rag-tag crew. Who would you drop to pick up upsiders like Humphries, Miller, Moore, etc.?

Get moore. drop baldwin. Would’ve made that move weeks ago.

OOOOF! Double Whammy! Landry and Baldwin on the same team.
I hate to say it but I think I drop Landry before Baldwin. Then Baldwin immediately after.

Big talk from me- I have them both. One in each league I belong in and I haven’t been able to drop them.
I’ll get the strength soon.


Wow this is so tough. I see all of those WRs on the same level besides Thielen. I don’t think Baldwin would be the one to drop though, I’m RELATIVELY high on Baldwin thinking that Seattle is turning their ship around ROS and seeing Rus look his way more now. I dropped Baldwin weeks ago though but I’d be having a much harder time doing that today.

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For me it’s Landry or Davis sadly. I think Davis is a great WR but Marcus has been so unpredictable this year, and Davis has put up a dudd in 50% of his games played so far. He’s got a tough schedule ROS, but hopefully tonight will help you make the decision. I’m leaning Davis.

I know, right? I even traded for Landry a month ago thinking his schedule was so good. Obviously hasn’t panned out.