Why Detriot WHY!?!?!?!?!?

Why put Blount in to fail time after time again when Kerryon gets you to the redzone!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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I bet Pat has Blount on his flex spot in fantasy, only logical explanation to why he puts him in.

Kerryon is killing it man. It’s all politics. Blount being an off-season pickup and all, they have to use him.

Yeah Kerryon with like 150 yards in 3 quarters and complaining about that SMH.

He’s so bad. Worst player I’ve ever seen. What a loser 150 yards psh

It’s a disgrace, KJ is a beast. If it doesn’t change after this game there’s something seriously wrong with Patrica and his attitude to coaching

It would be easier to digest if Blount was still an RB incapable of not falling forward a couple yards no matter what, like he used to be on NE. Or if Kerryon was like the size of Tyreek Hill. But, like, Blount gets stuffed regularly. And at this point, EVERY defense knows Blount is getting a goal line carry if he’s lined up down there, so it’s not even a strategic consideration anymore. It’s just idiocy/loser-mentality conservatism.

It really is, this coaching politics is BS. Just give the best guys the ball! I get having a goaline hammer, short yardage guy etc but you have to reward KJ for all that work to get you there and as you say at least there’s some element of disguise with him in, with Blount on the goaline you know what’s happening…

I think all these coaches/teams adopting stat-heavy game planning and new acquisition strategy rostering guys to fill niche, specific roles like Blount, are too cowardly to deviate harmlessly (and in this case beneficially) from the precise plan voiced to the media/public/ownership, because they prob figure they’ll at least get a break if things don’t work out in the process of executing on/sticking to the exact plan that they had developed beforehand and made to be the expectation. All trying to justify themselves and not lose their job rather than caring more about winning games over Protecting their own weak asses.

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