Why do I always get crappy trade offers

So I offered mixon, jefferys, for demarco Murray and Benjamin. The guy counters and takes out Benjamin for Anderson. Or I can offer diggs and mixon for Baldwin and Jordan Howard should I take it

Mixon hasn’t done much neither has Jeffrey’s and it’s week 5. Demarco has had one good game but years of production. Benjamin has a good track record and is a 5th round pick. not everyone is high on mixon esp. after the previous week when he was supposed to break out vs Cleveland.

Just offer someone else a trade.

I wouldn’t trade Baldwin and mixon for Jordan

Nobody has really had a good game against Cleveland. And the trade was diggs and mixon for Baldwin and Jordan. Murray has a hamstring problem wouldn’t of scored over 10 points if it wasn’t for that run

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Not trading diggs away for anyone except a locked and loaded wr1. He’s the number 1 wr in fantasy and he’s got all the tools to stay there.

As for mixon meh, not giving him up for Jordan yet especially not knowing the future of that offense and with the volume mixon is now getting.