Why is AJ Q!?

So this is presently screwing up my strategy for the week.
Need to target edwards as a collins handcuff. Adams would be another nice add.

AJ being questionable on IR means i can’t do a waiver claim without taking him off. which is super annoying

Ekeler would be who i drop at this stage. But that means to make a pickup i would have to drop one of

MVS, Sutton, Funchess
Royce (lindsay handcuff), Collins.
I could also drop the broncos D, but i am hoping to hold them for easy playoff matchups. I have the bears but the rams and packers scare me week 14/15.

Who do you drop here if anyone for a waiver pick-up? Adams, Edwards, Lions RB, mcguire, Traquon would be best options.

You talking aaron jones?

AJ Green.
I just dumped collins. And think i gotta pull the trigger on kicking funchess to the curb having asked around and seen similiar questions on other posts