Why is anyone trading Watson?

I saw an article on ESPN asking if Watson is in the Brees/Brady category… is this even a debate? From a fantasy perspective, Watson is a Top 3 right now, with Alex Smith, and maybe Brady (Brees is up + down).

I would only consider moving him for an RB1, like Hunt or Fournette (I already have Zeke and Gordon). But is anyone really looking at trying to trade him? He’s crushing it in fantasy production, in my PPR scoring, just put up 38+ on Seattle.

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Nope and Nope. Keep Watson. You already got a nice RB core so don’t waste your too QB. He may not have the best schedule ahead but when I hear that, all I see is that he’s gonna have to pass a lot and that just means points for you.

i moved him before his bye week for Jordan Howard bc I have cousins and semi regretting it.

I’m trying to trade him as I already have Wilson and I’m looking at a team who owns Howard and Fournette.

I don’t usually own 2 QB’s and Wilson has already had his bye week and a decent schedule ahead.


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I moved him because I have brees and needed some RB/WR help so I bundled him to get more and improve the package deal. I wish I would have traded brees though after this week.

Yes get good flex value for him and fix RUSSELL in your lineup without worry.


So far this year Ive lost Allen Robinson, David Johnson, Zeke, and Aaron Rogers. Luckily since I’ve lost a lot of games (I have scored the most points in my league, yet have the most scored against me) I was able to get players like Watson and McKinnon. If I were to trade Watson, which im not actively trying to do, who would I even go for? Im not sure what his value actually is at this point. Clearly its a good amount, but how much?

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Well it all depends if someone is RB/WR heavy but struggling at QB.

True. The name Watson carries some real heavy weight right now though. You could find a buyer. Also think of a Clemson fan in your league.

As an Englishman in an English league, that’s going to be very difficult! Haha