Why is Bills Def Ranked so High?

They’re on my waiver wire, I’ve got Washington, Arizona, and Chicago def. on my bench.
Are the Bills the right move here?

I think it has more to do with the weather in buffalo. If it’s anything like last week it’s unlikely that more than 7-10 points will be scored. So i would keep an eye on the weather before starting them

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The Bills are projected high because they have been a solid defense this year, when Tyrod plays, and it looks like he will play. Also the dolphins on paper is a fantastic match up. The dolphins are hot the last couple games now and are feeding Drake taking the ball out of Cutlers hands. I no longer see the Bills as an elite play but still a top 12 option.

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Makes sense as weather dependent, and Miami having a hot hand especially with Drake.

With that said, Arizona def or washing def if you had to choose one?