Why is everyone dropping Indy DST?

They put up 19 points for me against Buffalo by holding the Bills to 3 points. Got 2 sacks and 3 picks.

They are up against a depleted and shitty Raiders team, don’t you guys think Indy is another good stream for this week? But I see like a ton of people have dropped them already

They picked up the Pats

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I do think it’s a good play. But there are others, and this could be a shootout or a garbage time Oakland scoring game. Indy defense is technically bad I think. They were giving up like 38 pts a week before their schedule eased up. Mack being good is also good for Indy D. Can help run out the clock/maintain possession.

I think the ownership decline is Bc Indy has a bye next week and Oak is coming off of a bye (moreso the former). Chiefs are a good stream for a lot of the ROS sched